Make a Donation to Downeast Audubon, whether for our annual birdathon or just because you like what we are doing.  Please check the box to share your address with DEA so that you can be acknowledged for your gift.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Downeast Chapter of Maine Audubon is to educate and engage the people of Hancock County, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of local communities and their natural environment.

Downeast Chapter

Serving All of Hancock County

The Downeast Chapter has been a chapter of Maine Audubon since 1971. We are a nonprofit membership organization including all of Maine Audubon's members within Hancock County. Home to Acadia National Park, forests, wetlands, blueberry barrens, and miles of rocky ocean and island habitat, Hancock County supports diverse species of birds and wildlife, and offers excellent opportunities for enjoying nature, birding, outdoor recreation, and wildlife observation and study.

Maine Audubon - Downeast Chapter Membership Form

Yes, I would like to join Maine Audubon and the Downeast Chapter of Maine Audubon (this also includes membership in National Audubon Society). I want to help promote environmental education and advocacy in our communities, and protect and conserve wildlife habitat. I understand that membership benefits include Maine Audubon’s Habitat: The Journal of Maine Audubon, the Downeast Audubon Newsletter, discounts on field trips and tours, children’s programs, and at Audubon nature stores and sanctuaries nationwide.

❒ Senior/Volunteer $25             ❒ Individual $35           ❒ Household $45           ❒ Contributing $65

❒ Patron $100                           ❒ Benefactor $500      ❒ Sustaining $250         ❒ Director's Circle $1,000

❒ I wish to receive my Downeast Audubon newsletter by email instead of by mail. (Make sure to give us your email!)

❒ National Audubon Society magazine is available for an additional $10.

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Please make checks payable to Maine Audubon. Send this form and your check to:
Downeast Audubon • PO Box
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