Learn about our Natural World with Explore Outdoors!  

Downeast Audubon’s Explore Outdoors (EO) program is happy to serve schools, classes, after-school groups, libraries, and other local organizations in Hancock County. The EO program aims to teach youth about the importance of a healthy environment and inspire children about the outdoors. For more information, please contact 


Summer Camp Scholarship Recipients


Downeast Audubon received many excellent applicants for summer camp scholarships this year and are pleased to announce the winners. Full scholarships to Acadia Institute of Oceanography Advanced session will go to Annabelle Kneisel and Spencer Michalski. Returning camper Amelia Ashmore will receive a partial scholarship. Amelie Kneisel will receive a full scholarship to attend the AIO Intermediate session and Naomi Duke, another return camper, will be partially funded. Three students awarded scholarships to the AIO Introductory session are Nolan Decker, Bay Wendell and Mackenzie VanSprosen. Full scholarships to Hurricane Island Ecology camp will go to Savanna Trundy and Ella Herrick. Finn and Sadie Monahan will each receive scholarships to attend College of the Atlantic Summer Field Studies. Layton Newkirk received a scholarship to attend Hog Island's Teen Birding camp.

Congratulations to all 13 scholarship winners!

Explore Outdoors! Programs offered in Hancock County

This fall, the DEA Explore Outdoors Program will sponsor two overnight trips for classes at Deer Isle High School and Brooksville Elementary School.


DIHS students will explore Hurricane Island and engage in hands-on activities in field science experiments through the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. Students will be challenged to put their knowledge into action while gaining teamwork and leadership skills.

Brooksville students will explore Acadia National Park at the Schoodic Education Adventure Program (SEA), where they will participate in on-site scientific and cultural research on topics ranging from geology to citizen science and forest ecology.  

The DEA Explore Outdoors Program continues to work with Maine Outdoor School (MOS) to offer programs that bring your indoor classroom content outdoors in a hands-on, place-based way. Learn more about MOS here.

To schedule a program for your group, please contact

Birdsacre Owl Programs

DEA sponsors programs with live owls from Birdsacre. Grayson Richmond travels with his owl ambassadors to local schools and other community gatherings where they engage audiences as Grayson talks about the owls in Maine and their conservation. 




Chewonki Traveling Natural History Programs


DEA sponsors visits to local schools, libraries and other public venues by Chewonki’s Traveling Natural History Program. Programs range from “The Batmobile” featuring a live big brown bat to “Tidepools”, “Fur, Feathers and Feet” and “Mammals of Maine”.

Chewonki educators bring live animals and props to school groups, large and small. These interactive programs also feature artifacts and examples for students to hear, see, and touch.