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How to Attract Bluebirds
Wednesday, April 17, 7:00 PM
Moore Community Center, Ellsworth
Speaker:  Leslie Clapp

     For years Leslie has monitored bird houses at various properties on the Blue Hill Peninsula. She and her husband, Blaise deSibour, have been instrumental in expanding Downeast Audubon’s own county-wide Bluebird Trail which now includes 294 houses. Learn all about attracting bluebirds and other cavity-nesters to your yard. What house designs work best?  Are there potential problems to watch out for?  See what it’s like to monitor bird houses from the nest-building stage to fledging young. This program is filled with beautiful photographs and is a great way to welcome spring, even if you’re not ready to put up your own bird houses yet. All Downeast Audubon Bluebird Trail monitors are encouraged to attend.  There’s always something to share and learn!  A few bird houses will be for sale after the program—$45 ready to install.  Helpful handouts will be available.

Birdsacre Cleanup
Saturday, April 20,  9:00 AM - NOON

     Join us for the 15th annual spring cleanup at Birdsacre in Ellsworth.  Please donate a little bit of your time this weekend to help keep the grounds of this important urban sanctuary in good shape.  Bring a rake and gloves and we’ll provide the rest, including warm drinks and Dunkin’ Munchkins! Tasks range from raking and cutting back perennials to hauling leaves and picking up sticks. “Many hands make light work!”

Celebrate Earth Day
Monday, April 22, 5:30 PM
Peters Brook, Blue Hill

     Join us for a peaceful evening hike on beautiful land protected by Blue Hill Heritage Trust.  We’ll venture upstream and admire the old pines, listen to the rushing brook after spring thaw and share the end of this special day with friends. Bring your favorite beverage and a snack and we’ll take some time at an overlook contemplating how lucky we are to live in such a place.

Woodcock Watch
Wednesday, April 24, 7:00 PM
Blue Hill Library and Blue Hill Mountain
Speaker:  Lynn Havsall

     Learn about the wonders of the American Woodcock in this 30-minute presentation revealing secrets of our weirdest shorebird. After the program we willl drive up to the fields of Blue Hill Mountain to experience one of spring's delights—the dazzling displays of courting woodcocks!  Hear the “peents” and twittering of the wings while watching the amazing spiral sky dance.

Spring Migration
Wednesday, May 1, 7:00 PM
Blue Hill Library
Speaker: Nick Lund

     Hummingbirds, orioles, tanagers, and beloved warblers...Spring Migration is finally here! Are you ready? Maine Audubon's Nick Lund will discuss the science behind spring migration and help prepare you for the beautiful invasion.  Born and raised in Maine, Nick is Maine Audubon's Outreach and Network Manager. He is also a writer, with a regular column on the National Audubon website in addition to pieces appearing in Slate, The Washington Post, The Guardian and other publications and online venues.

Vernal Pool Exploration
Saturday, May 4, 9:00 - 10:30 AM
Miles Lane Trails, Bucksport

     Join Explore Outdoors! education coordinator, Julianne Taylor, for a visit to the vernal pool located off the Miles Lane Trails in Bucksport. This pool is home to a variety of wildlife including quacking Wood Frogs and high-calling Spring Peepers. Participants will explore the area in search of amphibians, aquatic insects and plants.  A short trail encircles the vernal pool, and docks installed by Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust and Bucksport High School allow for easy access. This location is also a great place to look for songbirds! Dip nets, field guides and magnifying glasses will be provided. Meet at the Miles Lane School- it’s just a short walk to the pool.  All ages welcome!    

Maine Bird Atlas Update
Friday, June 14, 7:00 p.m.
Blue Hill Library
Speaker: Doug Hitchcox

    The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has launched the Maine Bird Atlas and your help is needed! The primary goal of the atlas is to document the current distribution of breeding birds in the state. The bulk of effort for this state-wide five-year project that began in 2018 will need to come from birder citizen-scientists reporting breeding activity observed in Maine birds. Whether you can help survey a local block or just report a chickadee visiting your backyard birdhouse, you can help! Join Maine Audubon’s Staff Naturalist and Maine Bird Atlas Outreach Coordinator, Doug Hitchcox, for a presentation about the purpose, goals and expected outcomes of the atlas.  Doug will lead a follow-up bird walk the next morning to guide members on how to record and upload data to eBird.

Plants of Corea Heath
Saturday, June 22 , 8:30 a.m.

    Northern Corea Heath is a 600-acre Frenchman Bay Conservancy property that links the Maine Coastal Islands NWR to the south and Grand Marsh to the north.  These wetlands and associated uplands provide habitat for rare plants and unusual plant communities.  Join Jill Weber, botanist and co-author of The Plants of Acadia National Park, to learn about the ecology of this special place. View carnivorous plants, orchids, stunted trees and shrubs and cotton-grass, but don’t forget your binoculars—the birds here are pretty special too!

Keeping Track
Friday, June 28, 7:00 p.m.
The Bay School, Blue Hill
Speaker: Sue Morse

    Sue Morse, highly regarded as an expert in natural history and tracking, founded Keeping Track in 1994. This non profit organization is devoted to training professional biologists and citizen scientists alike in the skills necessary to monitor the status of wildlife and habitat in their communities.  Illustrated with her award-winning photography and enlivened with fascinating and funny anecdotes from her life in the field, Sue's presentation will describe the habits and habitat of a variety of local species, especially big mammals (including the cougar) and the challenges they face in the 21st century. We’ll all leave with a better understanding of our wildlife and the places it needs to survive.  Copies of Sue’s book Wildlife and Habitats: A Collection of Tracking and Natural History Essays, as well as other tracking items, will be available for purchase. Stay tuned for more information about an animal tracking workshop with Sue the following day. This special event is co-sponsored by 10 local organizations!

BIRDING FIELD TRIPS    7:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.    Please pre-register for all birding field trips!  Email or call 664-4400.  You’ll receive more information when you sign up.  (Limit 15) 

Sunday, May  5  Harriman Point Preserve, Brooklin. A beautiful MCHT property with shorefront. Leaders: Tim Skillin and Molly DellaRoman

Saturday, May  11 Birdsacre, Ellsworth.  Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at this 200-acre sanctuary.  Leader:  Leslie Clapp

 Sunday, May  12 Cape Road, Tremont.  Easy Mother’s Day walk on Mount Desert Island. Re-learn favorite bird songs!  Leader: Craig Kesselheim

Friday, May  17 Blue Hill Post Office to Mountain Trail 5:00 p.m. NEW TIME!  An relaxed afternoon stroll.  Leader:  Leslie Clapp

Saturday, May  18 Green Lake Fish Hatchery, Ellsworth.  Forest nature trail with view of Green Lake.   Leader: Fred Yost

Sunday, May  19 Woods and Waters of Lamoine. Simon Trail with drive to Marlboro Beach. Co-sponsored with FBC. Leaders:  Austin Schuver and Sue Shaw

Tuesday, May  21 Meadowbrook, east of Ellsworth.  Explore this soon-to-be- BHHT woodland.  Leaders:  Zach Holderby and Sandy Walczyk

Saturday, May  25 Blue Hill Mountain.  Varied habitats, some steep terrain, 2+hours, always productive!  Leader: Leslie Clapp

Monday, May 27  Memorial Day in the Wildlands, Orland. Hothole Pond Trail.  Leaders Jennifer Riefler and Sue Shaw

Sunday, June 2  Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick.  Follow roads through old farmland on this BHHT preserve. Leader: Leslie Clapp

Saturday, June 8  More Wildlands Adventures, Orland.  Dead River Road just past the fish hatchery. Leader: Zach Holderby 
Sunday, June 9  Carter Nature Preserve, Surry  Peaceful forest and shore trail on BHHT lands.  Leader: Leslie Clapp

Saturday, June 15  Rockwood on Parker Point Road, Blue Hill. Birding workshop on the Maine Bird Atlas. Leader:  Doug Hitchcox

Sunday, June 16  Sieur de Monts Spring, Acadia National Park.  Father’s Day walk with warblers. Leader:  Sue Shaw